A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Ultimate Nerd Game was an early prototype for Logic World. You can check out Logic World on logicworld.net, Steam and Itch.

TUNG is janky and awkward. It is full of bugs and bad UI, it has absolutely no tutorial, and a lot of very important features are simply not present. You can play it if you want to, but if you're interested in the game I seriously recommend just waiting for Logic World.

The version downloaded from this page is TUNG 0.2.7. Older versions of TUNG can be downloaded here.

Install instructions

Unzip the file and then run the extracted executable.


The Ultimate Nerd Game - v0.2.7 Windows.zip 220 MB
The Ultimate Nerd Game - v0.2.7 Linux.zip 233 MB
The Ultimate Nerd Game - v0.2.7 Mac OS.zip 237 MB

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this game has potential and also helps people who don't
 know electronics and circuit. continue to improve the game and also make new mechanics. so it would be cool if it was free but you choose. maybe i can buy if i
 save money.

the game is very good it has a unique style and I was also looking for a game like this

and finally very good luck to you

(that looks much redstone wires)

when do you expect this game to be released on steam?

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Sorry, I didn't see this comment when you made it. Logic World will be releasing on Steam in February 2020.

Thank you, how much do you think it will cost?

We are planning on $12 USD


link to www.logicworld.net keeps avg antivirus catch as malware or something.

Thanks for letting me know, I've reported the false positive to AVG.

God created universe from big bang. Jesus say to eat him in church to have eternal life. I can not betray Jesus. God is love. God bless you. I do not have your game downloaded. I just sent feedback.


question how do you add mods to the game and where do you find the mods?

Modding requires the fan-created modding framework, which you can download and install here. Once you've done that,  you place the mods in your "mods" folder, which will be next to the game's executable.

There's no centralized place to get mods (something we should really fix). You can download a bunch here, and here's two more. There's also this guide for creating your own mods, if that's your thing.

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It works great for me on Linux but I want Multiplayer for Linux too   ......   keep up the good  work

Cheers. For now, multiplayer is a fan-created mod. I believe it requires some specific steps to work on Linux. I encourage you to join our discord and ask the people there for help getting it to work.

game is broken

Hello, could you please provide some more information? In what way are things breaking for you?


this is my dream game thank you.


Oh wow, thank you so much. It's my dream game too, that's why I'm making it :)

I hope you'll share all the cool things you build!


also will there be any moving parts?


No comment at this time, sorry. It would be really cool though.


This is so cool! there should be an online play or a local area network feature to share your creations

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Thank you! This is an excellent idea. Pipe01 thought so too and made a mod for this, and it's basically the coolest thing ever.

I also encourage you to join our discord, people often drop off world or board files there.


perfeito incrível 


muito obrigado!


What does the snapp peg do?

Snapping pegs automatically connect to other snapping pegs placed adjacently. This should explain it: https://imgur.com/a/JcL0g

In conjunction with Stack Board, they make large modular builds super fast and easy.

It keeps crashing on my mac ): But it's okay b/c I installed windows on my mac, but just wanted to tell you that the mac version is broken. I can also help bugtest, but, did you know that you can test it by using a MAC virtual machine? I think it's pretty hard but It's possible! Though, it might just be easier to have playtesters.

Ah, I did not know that! Thank you, yes, I will use VMs to ensure Mac is working for the next version. Glad you got the game working anyways, hope you have fun :)

I think, (Much like redstone) Mabybe you should make it a little more clear which side is the input (I notice the the input usually has a longer peg) But it was kinda hard for me to figure out when I was first playing the game, other than that it is pretty straight forward! P.S are you going to add things like pistons, spinblocks, wheels etc.?


Personally I like that there is no explicit tutorial that tells you exactly how each component works; you have to do some experiments and figure it out on your own. With TUNG I want to recreate the feeling I got when I was first learning redstone, where you're figuring things out for yourself and learning as you go.

As for circuit outputs that interact with the world, I don't know. These things work well in minecraft and other sandbox games because there's an existing world to interact with, but TUNG's world does not exist in its own right. Its sole purpose is to be a location for the circuits you're building. For the duration of alpha, at least, the focus will be purely on the digital circuitry aspect, but after that anything could happen. You could probably make mods for all those things right now though: the fantastically talented pipe01 has built a modding framework for TUNG.


I agree with you on the fact that it's fun and rewarding figuring out for yourself, I just feel like later down the line critics won't share the same enthusiasm.


I decided a long time ago to prioritize my own vision for my games over any amount of money I could make.


I've been looking for a game like this for a long time. It's....It's....It's....BEAUTIFUL!


Thank you! I'm so happy you like it :D


maybe add an option to shrink down a board into one block? that would make it easier to make gates.


I would definitely like to have board resizing in the future

if anyone is have trouble opening any files just get the itcho app 

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I can't open the unziped file. I't just shuts down! This seemed to bee a really cool game and it's freee! Please try to fix it I'm on a mac and has macos high sierra.

I'll see what I can do for the next version. I'm really sorry it's not working for you. I've had a few mac users report that. I have very limited access to macs, and the only one I've tested the game on works fine.

Would you be willing to help me test mac builds of the game at some point in the future?

Absolutely! Would love to help

Thank you! I'll contact you when it's time.

Well, I think I've finally solved the Mac issues and I intend to launch the Mac version with update 0.2. Please send me an email - jimmycushnie@gmail.com - so I can verify with you that it's working.


absolutely. I'll try it as soon as I can!


it’s f***** working! I love this game! Seriously this is a kind of game that I’ve been looking for.


This is an awesome game, but if i had to ask for one thing, maybe put in a tutorial that comes as a level that just says what each part is and what it does. even though without a tutorial this game is still a definite download.

Thank you! The omission of a tutorial is an intentional design choice. When I was first learning redstone (the inspiration for this game), I got such a sense of wonder out of experimenting with all the bits and figuring out how they worked. I want that same feeling captured in TUNG, and I'm concerned that a tutorial in the traditional sense would take away from that.

That said I really appreciate the feedback. Before the release of the full game I will definitely look into a firmer tutorial than the demo world I have now, but I will be very careful in doing so.

I'm so happy you enjoy the game :)


and with the addition of a demo, i have a new favorite game developer.

Ah, cheers! A lot of people have said they didn't know about the demo world, I should make it clearer that it exists...

Great game. Terrible name.


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I will always help the winning team


What's a blotter do?

They let a signal travel in only one direction. Regular pegs/wires let signals travel both ways.


Ah, thanks.


This is amazing. THANK YOU for creating this !

I'm so happy you enjoy it :)

Stay tuned. There are many more updates coming.



me:need help

brother:nah dude

me:u sure

brother: (biulds nothing but a big block)


Thank you very, very much even for merely attempting to code this game. Learning needs to be fun to reach the Mommy's-Old-Cellphone-Generation, and this just might help. I'll get around to  installing it at our youth center and see if anyone tinkers with it.

Thank you for the kind words :) Let me know how it goes.

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Welp this is officially my new favorite game. Dear cool guy making this i have a few suggestions.  That aside gosh this is addictive xD my first time in and i just built a 4 bit alu. I really like the control,  sound,  and overall feel. I am 100% gonna make a ton of junk in this, starting with making a cpu to implement this isa

here is the alu and my world file if anyone wants it.  This game has serious p o t e n t i a l 

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Reading this made me melt. The whole time while making TUNG I felt so alone in my love for it because nobody I know IRL is into this stuff. That this is your favorite game is indescribably meaningful. I want to cry.

Please give me commenting privileges on your google doc (jimmycushnie@gmail.com) and I'll respond to all the suggestions. I don't have time tonight, but I'm excited to play with your save file tomorrow!

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Will you be releasing the game for Mac and Linux? Let me know if you need help installing Linux or testing your game on it!

YES PLEASE! I'm not sure what this runs on or if it is possible, but I would love to see this on the Raspberry Pi!

If it's made with Unity, then you can't build the game for the Raspberry Pi yet, AFAIK.

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I will be attempting to get those OSs working but no promises. Really hope I can do it, I want everyone to be able to play...

Out on mac, linux hopefully coming soon!


Looks awesome! Any chance you could sometime adapt it to work with macOS? I'm willing to play it but don't have Windows to run it on. Good luck with your project!

I hope I can get it running on mac/linux, I'll let you know if I do. Thanks for the kind words :)

Out on mac. Hope you enjoy the game :)