Update 0.2.5: I Finally Fixed the Jumping

Okay THIS one is for real the last 0.2.x update. I’m particularly pleased with the improvements to mid-air jumping. That’s something people have been complaining about since the day 0.1 came out.

Thank you to everyone who’s been making bug reports! They really help. 0.2.5 is now available for download.


  • pressing the jump key at any point mid-jump will no longer make you jump as soon as you land. You now have to press it within 0.2 seconds of when you land, though this value can be changed in settings.txt under “JumpTiming”
  • snapping pegs can now connect directly to other snapping pegs
  • added a system that allows structural pieces of components to be a color other than white. This is not used by anything in the game yet, but it can be taken advantage of by mods.
  • added a pretty banner to the launcher
  • improved switch and button hitboxes
  • pressing the mod key and the screenshot key at the same time will now open the screenshots folder
  • fixed being able to offset boards onto thin air under specific circumstances
  • fixed right clicking with the placing ghost enabled locking the position of the placing ghost
  • fixed wires with positions that were invalid in a specific way corrupting the save
  • fixed cloned snapping pegs refusing all new connections
  • fixed cloned snapping pegs not de-snapping when rotated
  • fixed cloned snapped connections appearing black instead of turquoise until placed
  • fixed the screenshot sound not playing if the screenshot was taken on the main menu
  • fixed boards being misaligned after many adjacent uses of Stack Board
  • some error messages are now more descriptive
  • minor graphical optimizations


The Ultimate Nerd Game - v0.2.5 Windows.zip 217 MB
Apr 08, 2018
The Ultimate Nerd Game - v0.2.5 Linux.zip 235 MB
Apr 08, 2018
The Ultimate Nerd Game - v0.2.5 Mac OS.zip 220 MB
Apr 08, 2018

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