Update 0.2.4: modded components, undo board delete, and more

Unless any game-breaking bugs are discovered, this will be the final update of the 0.2 cycle. The next time I write one of these posts, it will (hopefully) be for 0.3 :D

I’m particularly excited about the new modding capabilities in this update. Pipe01 and I have spent a lot of time today figuring out how to make custom modded components possible, and he’s already made lots of progress with them. I can’t wait to see what new crazy components get modded in.


  • added a hotkey to undo deleting a board. Default binding is backspace
  • backups of boards you delete are now saved in /backups/_____deletedboards. By default, the 10 most recently deleted boards are saved, but you can increase that number with MaxBoardBackups in settings.txt
  • the crosshair’s color is now configurable using CrosshairColor in settings.txt
  • the crosshair’s size is now configurable using CrosshairSize in settings.txt
  • added a button to disable player collision with circuitry and boards, so you can walk/fly through them and reach otherwise inaccessable positions. By default there is no key bound to this function, but you can assign it in the launcher (I recommend the ` key)
  • added some hooks in the code to allow placing and saving of custom components added by mods
  • in the The Ultimate Nerd Game directory there is now a file called TimePlayed.txt which keeps track of the total time you have spent in-game
  • added lines about how to select the root board and how to delete a non-empty board to the help menu
  • (hopefully) fixed a bug where everything would completely break when you loaded a world
  • the readme.txt file downloaded with the game now includes instructions for installation


The Ultimate Nerd Game - v0.2.4 Windows.zip 216 MB
Mar 29, 2018
The Ultimate Nerd Game - v0.2.4 Linux.zip 234 MB
Mar 29, 2018
The Ultimate Nerd Game v0.2.4 Mac OS.zip 219 MB
Mar 29, 2018

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