Update 0.2.2 and a new trailer!

Hey all! Just another small patch today to fix a few more outstanding issues. Hope ya like it. Remember to report any bugs you find on the tracker!


  • button and lever hitboxes are slightly bigger; you no longer need to look exactly at them to interact with them
  • player movement is much smoother; the player's position is now updated every frame instead of at a fixed rate of 50 times per second
  • the fullscreen checkboxes in the options menu and the game launcher are now synchronized
  • added a hotkey to toggle fullscreen, default binding F11
  • you can no longer create a new board if you're not looking at a valid location to start placing one
  • rotation lock no longer resets to off when you place a board
  • further reduced visual errors on displays and color displays
  • fixed sometimes placing a component when flipping a switch
  • fixed snapping pegs sometimes snapping when they shouldn't

Also, the game has a new trailer to celebrate update 0.2. Check it out!


The Ultimate Nerd Game - v0.2.2 Windows.zip 218 MB
Mar 23, 2018
The Ultimate Nerd Game - v0.2.2 Mac OS.zip 221 MB
Mar 23, 2018

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