Update 0.2.3: fixes, tweaks, and a Linux release!

Wooo it's out on Linux!!!

0.2.3 is now available for download. Remember to report any bugs you find on the tracker!


  • fixed anything that changes color not being affected by shadows for a brief period after it changes color
  • added some keyboard navigation to the Load Board menu: you can now press tab to cycle forwards and shift + tab to cycle backwards 
  • the Load, Rename, and Delete buttons in the Load Board menu are no longer interactable until you select a board
  • made the first chord of a particularly startling music track a little quieter
  • the Toggle Gameplay UI key no longer hides the help menu. This is to prevent a bug that could screw up the size of the help menu text
  • you can now toggle the gameplay UI at any time
  • fixed the rotation lock text sometimes not properly updating
  • fixed snapping pegs appearing in the wrong position under specific circumstances
  • fixed placing a board under specific circumstances causing lots of crazy glitches
  • the game is now available on Linux! Sorry it took so long :)


The Ultimate Nerd Game - v0.2.3 Linux.zip 234 MB
Mar 26, 2018
The Ultimate Nerd Game - v0.2.3 Windows.zip 216 MB
Mar 26, 2018
The Ultimate Nerd Game v0.2.3 Mac OS.zip 219 MB
Mar 26, 2018

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It would be cool to have motors and servos that could move boards so you could have a cool door!

Thank you for the suggestion! For the duration of alpha I'm focusing completely on the digital logic part of the game, but during beta I definitely want to experiment with new things for your circuits to do.