Update 0.1.3

Decided to do one more minor update for 0.1. Version 0.1.3 is now available for download! Unfortunately, itch is having some problems right now so you'll have to get it from gamejolt. I'll upload 0.1.3 here as soon as my upload speed to itch is above 1kbps... edit: update is out on itch now too!

Tomorrow after school is when I will begin development of the next major update, 0.2. The biggest goal of this version will be to increase performance with very large circuits.


  • wire hitboxes now extend vertically for a bit. Makes it easier to delete/rotate them when viewed at shallow angles
  • added new value editable in settings.txt, EnableMainMenuCameraPan. Setting this to false disables the camera movement in the main menu for people who get motion sick from it
  • the game no longer saves when you unpause via the escape key
  • fixed being able to get wires into invalid positions by rotating components
  • fixed being unable to lock rotation on panel switches, panel buttons, and through blotters
  • fixed typo in the input configuration dialog (Rotate Clcokwise -> Rotate Clockwise)
  • fixed me forgetting to update the in-game version number :P

Thank you, everyone, for playing my game and sharing all the cool stuff you're making! I never expected the game to take off like it has, but I always really really hoped it would :D

If you haven't already, check out the subreddit. TUNG has a bustling, tightly-knit community growing over there and I'd love for you to be a part of it!

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