Update 0.2 Release Date Announcement

The Ultimate Nerd Game version 0.2 will be released on March 20, 2018.

This is an absolutely massive update and I could not be more excited to get it into your hands. Thanks for playing my game, everyone :D

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Sounds amazing! Can we get a sneak peek at the change log?

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* updated version number to 0.2 (was previously 0.1.5)

I'll be releasing the full changelog twenty four hours before the update goes live. Until then, you'll just have to play I Spy with the picture above :)


LOL. I guess in a way that is a sneak peak at it! I spy with my little eye, something I've never seen before... What is it? 

In fact, there are three new things you've never seen before in that picture :)


Im starting to question wether certain things in that are in the game currently or are new....